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Parasite Program FAQ's

How do I make changes or cancel my auto delivery?

You will be able to manage your auto delivery by logging into your account and accessing your customer portal. Here you can update your details, cancel your auto delivery and more.

I can't give my cat tablets, can I use a combination of products that requires no tablets?

Yes! We use Revolution and Program spot on treatments for comprehensive cover using only spot on products.


My dog swims a lot but is difficult to give tablets to- can I still use spots ons and get covered for everything?

Although we dont have the option of spot on only for dogs, we are able to offer a mostly spot on combination that only requires a small tapeworm tablet to be given every 6 months. As long as you dont allow your dog to swim or have a bath 24 hours before and 48 hours after you apply a spot on product, then they are able to swim/bathe without compromising the effect of the treatment.


My dog sometimes vomits after it receives tablets, what should I do?

Some parasite prevention tablets eg. Comfortis can cause vomiting after administration when given on an empty stomach. Often giving treatments with a meal can help prevent vomiting. If this issue continues, it's best to discuss this further with your vet.


My dog/cat doesn't like flavoured tablets, is there any easier way of giving them?

Unfortunately not every animal appreciates the flavour of every tablet! We do our best to select the most palatable options on the market, however if your pet wont accept tablets by themselves, offering them hidden inside something really yummy can help. As long as your pet doesnt have any health conditions requiring them to be on a strict diet, you can try feeding a few small pieces of meat, sausage, peanut butter or cheese with the tablet hidden in one of the last pieces you give them (just offering one 'loaded piece doesn't fool many pets!)


I usually use brands of parasite control from the supermarket and they seem cheaper than what you offer here. Why dont you offer the same brands as supermarkets?

For the same reason as we don't offer supermarket brands in clinic, we don't offer them through Protectapet. Simply: the cheaper products often are less comprehensive and often dont work very effectively. We choose top quality products that we know will work and by spreading costs out using monthly payments we hope this keeps good parasite control affordable for you.




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