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A full strength mature apple cider vinegar produced from fresh apple juice, naturally fermented and matured. Unpasteurised and unfiltered, it has the “Mother of Vinegar” still active in the vinegar after bottling. The mother retained in the vinegar ensures that it continues to mature, developing further in flavour.

Abbey Plus Apple Cider Vinegar is a high source of Acetic and Malic acids as well as a quickly absorbed source of potassium. Properties and uses of apple cider vinegar include as a natural antibiotic, hiccup cure, general purpose disinfectant, chrome polish and as an aid for conditions including infections, fatigue, muscle cramps, urinary tract infections, constipation, fungal infections, blood pressure, birthing, parasites, soft shelled eggs (poultry), prevention of algal growth in water troughs. Suitable for general use including human consumption and as a stock feed supplement. Always dilute with or another drink eg juice.

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