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EQUICHEK SAA is a convenient test which quickly measures the level of SAA in a horse’s blood sample and can be used immediately at the point of care.

Previously, measuring SAA levels required sending a blood sample to a lab to run a specialist test which both took time and incurred costs. EquiChek SAA provides immediate results which empower the vet and trainer when managing the health of their horses.

  • Save time by checking your horses SAA levels on the spot
  • Save money testing for inflammation in horses
  • Identify a course of treatment for your horse immediately
  • Easily monitor your horses response to treatment

SAA (Serum Amyloid A) is an acute phase protein that is normally present at very low concentrations in the horse but during infection or systemic inflammation the concentration increases dramatically. Therefore, measuring the SAA concentration provides a useful diagnostic aid to equine veterinarians. 

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