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Frontline Plus Dog

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  • Frontline Plus Dog
  • Frontline Plus Dog
  • Frontline Plus Dog

For the treatment and prevention of flea infestations, control and treatment of flea allergy dermatitis, control of ticks including paralysis tick, control of biting lice and as an aid in the control of sarcoptic mange in dogs. Rapid onset to kill fleas and prevent development of flea eggs, larvae and pupae. Also kills fleas in the pet's surroundings. Apply monthly, 2-weekly for paralysis ticks. Safe for use on puppies from 8 weeks of age and in breeding, pregnant or lactating bitches. Each application provides one month of protection (2 weeks for paralysis tick) and is water fast within 24h after it has spread over the coat.


Frontline Plus Small Dog up to 10kg (Orange)

Frontline Plus Medium Dog 10-20kg (Blue)

Frontline Plus Large Dog 20-40kg (Purple)

Frontline Plus Extra Large Dog 40-60kg (Red)


3 or 6 pack of pipettes

Fipronil, Methoprene

For dogs less than 60kg bodyweight use a single pipette from a pack indicated for dogs of the appropriate weight range. For dogs over 60kg combine pipettes of different volumes to obtain the correct dose. Break the snap-off top from the pipette, part fur and squeeze contents on an area where the dog cannot lick, eg back of the neck. Re-apply monthly, 2 weekly for paralysis ticks. Pack sizes - Small Dog: dogs weighing up to 10kg; Medium Dog: dogs weighing 10-20kg; Large Dog: dogs weighing 20-40kg; Extra Large Dog: dogs weighing 40-60kg.

Provides control of paralysis ticks but does not guarantee prevention of tick paralysis because ticks are not killed immediately after attachment. Daily searching for ticks should occur to minimise the risk of paralysis. Avoid bathing, water immersion or shampooing dogs during the 48 hours after treatment. A brief period of hypersalivation due to the taste may occur if licking occurs shortly after application. Do not use on rabbits.

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