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Plusvital Hoofcare

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Proprietary mix of oils and resins designed to maintain hoof structure, flexibility and optimum moisture content in the hoof wall for a range of both dry and wet conditions.
Plusvital - scientifically formulated products to balance equine health and care.

1L, 2.5L

Hydrous Lanolin, Tallow fat, Colophony, Neatsfoot oil, Soya oil, Pine Tar,  Turpentine oil, Paraffin (hard), Paraffin (soft yellow), Phenol, Wool Fat Hydrous

Thoroughly clean over and under the hoof before applying every day with a soft brush. Apply over and under the hoof, particularly to the coronary band. Massage in if desired. Apply as required.

Will irrirate eyes and skin. Wash hands after use.


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