Basketball Zoono Team Pack

$198.00 (inc GST)



Zoono. The M.V.P in Germ Defence

The Zoono basketball pack is ideal for protecting your basketball
team this season with germ protection for players and coaches and for
sanitising equipment.

Zoono hand sanitiser provides 24 hour coverage from bacteria
and viruses with one application. With a handy personal 50ml pack for players
and a bulk 500ml pack for all the support team – you are covered all tournament

The Z-71 Microbe Shield is an ideal sanitiser for equipment.
In a few short sprays balls, benches and hard surfaces can be protected.


– Zoono Hand Sanitiser 50ml x 10

– Zoono Hand Sanitiser 500ml x 1

– Z-71 Microbe Shield 250ml x 1

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