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Sputolysin Powder (420g)

Sputolysin Powder (420g) Loading...

Unique palatable powder that increases secretion in the respiratory tract, stabilising and protecting respiratory tissue during periods of stress and respiratory disease. Also has a cough suppressant effect. An aid in the treatment of - respiratory disease in horses, respiratory infection with increased secretions, acute and sub-acute bronchitis, chronic respiratory disease and infection of the upper airways. Use in consultation with your veterinarian. Horses under treatment with Sputolysin will demonstrate increased nasal discharge, a reduction in coughing and a change in cough consistency from dry to moist.


Dembrexine hydrochloride monohydrate,

Administer twice daily in food. Adult horses (500kg) - 30gm; Small horses, ponies and foals - 10g per 170kg bodyweight. Included measure holds 5gm.Treat for 12-14 days. In chronic cases treatment should be extended to at least 3 weeks. Use in consultation with your veterinarian.

5gm measure included.

Use in consultation with veterinarian. Antimicrobial therapy should be given concurrently in the case of bacterial infection.

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