Callicrate SMART Bander Kit [Each]

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The Callicrate system is a humane and effective bloodless castration method endorsed by pre-eminent humane livestock handling expert Dr Temple Grandin. The specially formulated rubber used to make the Callicrate Loops withstands and maintains the high tension needed for success. The patented metal clip locks the Callicrate Loop into place, preventing slippage. Refill loops available in bags of 25 and 100, and buckets of 500. A larger version of the loop, suitable for use in the correction of prolapses, is available in bags of 5 (Callicrate Prolapse Loop).  

Kit includes – 

1. Callicrate Bander

2. 5 Bander Loops

3. Callicrate Cutter

4. Carry Case

5. Hat

6. Full instructions for use including an instructional DVD   

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